Melky Jean Donates Black Barbie Dolls at sports agent Rita Heywood and WNBA Teresa Wither spoons Our Gang Coat and Toy Drive


Melky Jean Black BarbieWhen Melky received 30 plus Barbie Dolls from her best friend Shiela, she didn't for one moment hesitate, She knew exactly what she was going to do with the dolls.
Melky recalls being born and raised in Brooklyn NY; "Brooklyn is always a place that is dear to me. I recall always wanting A black Barbie doll and not being able to find one.
I recall not feeling pretty as a little girl because I didn't see a lot of girls in magazines and Television that resembled me. I know how the simple things like a doll can affect ones self esteem".

This Year Rita Heywood and WNBA Theressa Witherspoon Our gang toy drive took place on December 20th. The Toy drive benefits the Salvation Army of Bushwick Brooklyn
and this Year Melky Jean was given the Key to the Heart Award for her community service.